3 Modern Innovations That Will Transform Your Conservatory

How to Make Your Conservatory into the Stunning Space You Deserve

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your conservatory for five years or five days, you will want to make it look as special as possible. There are quick fixes like a lick of paint or new furniture, but these can only do so much. If you want to ensure that your conservatory is beautiful, functional and above all, liveable – then there are many modern innovations that will take your conservatory to another level. It’s worth looking into, as a good conservatory adds value to a home. So for our top three suggestions, carry on reading!


Many people find that their conservatory is freezing cold during the winter months yet unbearably warm in the summer. If this applies to you, then investing in some conservatory insulation could be the perfect answer to any temperature related woes. The process of having insulation fitted in your conservatory couldn’t be more straightforward. Your conservatory and everything in it will be protected from any damage before work starts, so there’s no need to worry about the mess. Then a team of professional insulation fitters will line your roof with insulation material (usually made from aluminium foil), before boarding over the new insulation and then plastering over the top. The smooth, immaculate finish leaves no trace of the work that has been done, and then you will be free to enjoy your conservatory all year round, no matter the weather!

Bi-Folding Doors

Another way of giving your conservatory some serious wow factor is by installing some stunning glass bi-fold doors. These are great for creating the illusion of one space flowing into another seamlessly, either from your existing living space into your conservatory, or from your conservatory to your garden. Easy to install and use, these doors are renowned for their space saving design (running on a single track, with no bulky fixtures and fittings), making them suitable for use in conservatories big and small. Letting in lots of natural light, these doors are perfect for leaving open in the summer or keeping closed in the winter, with either option still giving you a great view of the space beyond. So if you want to bring the outdoors in and sometimes keep the outdoors out, all the while without compromising on style – then some stunning bi-fold doors are the perfect option for your conservatory.

Remote Controlled Blinds

Our final conservatory innovation is one that many people will be familiar with. Remote controlled blinds are a godsend in many a conservatory, with people being able to control the amount of light coming in through the windows from the comfort of their chair! In a room that is created largely from glass, light control is a priority. You may enjoy the amount of light that floods in during the morning, but you could find that your conservatory is simply too bright by the afternoon. That’s where a set of fully remote controlled blinds come in! They are easy to fit and even easier to use, and come in a variety of colours. When folded up they are virtually invisible, but fold down to give exactly the amount of coverage you require.

Time to transform your conservatory

Of course, there are other ways to transform your conservatory, but we believe that we have chosen not only the most effective, but the easiest to implement. So if your conservatory is unused and unloved, there’s no need to despair. Any of our three suggestions will take your conservatory from zero to hero, leaving you ready to use it for whatever purpose you desire!