How to Modernise Your Home without Breaking the Bank

Introduction to "How to Modernise Your Home without Breaking the Bank?"

We all like a refreshing change. Whether it’s a new car or a different tipple, there is something exciting about branching out and making use of a new way of thinking.

It can become a bit tedious to sit and stare at the same walls every day. If you haven’t had a rearrangement of your living room furniture for a while, or have put up with the same wallpaper for the last several years, you may be wondering what you can do to spice up your home and bring a sense of modernism back to your life.

Unfortunately, we aren’t all blessed with the financial freedom that would offer a means to up and move sticks. In fact, a lot of us are still feeling the squeeze of the recession and don’t necessarily have the budget to completely revamp the house.

If you’re in this boat, not all hope is lost. You can transform your interior without breaking the bank in a few relatively cheap and easy ways.

Bring the Living Room up to Date

Probably the room where you’ll be spending the most time alone, as a family and entertaining in the living room. Depending on when you last revised the aspects of the lounge, you may want to completely overhaul everything or just remove, add or update certain elements.

Styles and design change dramatically and in the course of just a decade, appearances can start to grow outdated. Wallpaper is a particular nuisance for change and some people end up adorning the walls with a new skin as often as three times in ten years.

This isn’t a good idea if you are on a budget though so think about a pattern or design that you deem evergreen. Basic, simple and even plain stylisations tend to stick around longer so consider this when deciding what to do with your walls.

Another sticking point when it comes to keeping on top of the evolving trends is furniture. With many designers and manufacturers working tirelessly to create the next perfect sofa or coffee table, furniture fads come and go.

With this in mind, you may want to invest in a fairly modern style sofa that has lasted the test of time over a few years or so. Chances are, if they’ve made it past two or three years, they’re going to be around for a while.

A whole suite may be a bit pricey. You could think about incorporating a settee and complementing it with one or two tub chairs. These seats are great because they come in different styles and colours and there is bound to be one out there that not only fits in with your decorative strategy, but enhances it at the same time.

There was a time when ornaments were a massive part of any living area. You could go to you Nan’s and she’d have an endless trail of different figurines taking up most of the place. As they say now, less is more. Take a look around your lounge and get rid of anything that looks like it could be judged as clutter. Include photo frames, clocks and even magazines in this check too.

You Don’t Cook Old Food…

You don’t spend your days cooking expired food products, so why stay in an out of date kitchen? Time to get rid of that eerie aura and bring the room back to life.

I know ovens, washing machines and fridges are pricey, but the best ones pay for themselves in time. They are some of just a few trusted and time standing appliances and can also bring a contemporary feel to the place. Swap out aging electricals where budget allows.

The same advice applies to the walls in the kitchen as in the living room. Pick a colour that is going to last. You don’t want to be paying for another revamp in a couple of years.

Grow Young with Sleep

Is there anything that comes close to the feeling of finally getting in bed after a long day? Yes there is; seeing an updated and slick bedroom!

Again, walls! The bedroom is a bit more personal than any other room so you needn’t worry too much but even still – think for the long term. Patterns and designs may be in right now but will it be that way come 2017?

Similar to the living room furniture, bedroom furniture is a constant cycle of new, old, new, old. Take time to study what has remained strong and go from there – don’t forget you have to like it though!

Tub chairs can play a part here too. Some people like to have a seat in the bedroom and there aren’t many better then these bucket shaped seat. They allow maximum comfort as well as a resting place for the spine in people with back pain.

The Rest of the House

I would recommend starting with the three mentioned rooms and seeing if budget allows from there. If so, the bathroom can be tweaked with just a lick of paint, new tiles and taps and even a few water related ornaments or pictures.

Spare bedrooms can be transformed into libraries, offices or even TV rooms – especially if you already have the right components in place. Again, as you can see I’m a fan, tub chairs provide the ideal surface for reading a book, watching television or playing video games.