Why every home should have double glazing?

Introduction to "Why every home should have double glazing?"

The double glazing industry has changed over the last 20 years. Major advancements have taken place that has made double glazing units become both more energy efficient and secure. As far as insulation goes, double glazing is one of the finest improvements you could add to your home.

Whether you have single paned windows or glazing from years back, you will still be losing heat and overspending on your energy bills, especially during winter when you’ll inevitably have to turn your thermostat up and that extra heat will radiate through the windows and surrounding gaps, exiting your home.

To prevent this you need to replace sash windows with more efficient double glazing. Double glazing features include two panes that are separated by an inert gas, meaning heat can’t pass through. Heat is retained in the home, so you’ll be warmer all year round enabling you to save at least £350 a year on energy bills.

Double glazing options

With a choice of uPVC, aluminium or wooden frames, double glazing has something for every home and should certainly be considered if you can choose the style that suits your home in addition to cutting your energy bills.

If you’d be interested in a uPVC frame, they now come in a range of colours to make your home stand out. uPVC is the most popular frame material because of its relatively cheap costs.

Because of the colours available its popularity has also increased of late. Apart from white, uPVC is now very popular in cream, black, grey and also wood grain finishes. Additionally, the darker colours help to make your window appear larger – another clear benefit.

Security aspects

A major concern, when we leave home for work in the morning is the thought that our property might be broken into. Windows and doors might be easy targets but with double glazing your mind should be appeased.

The double layering of glass is an instant step ahead of single paned windows and when you add this to the most up to date locking mechanisms which are built into the design, double glazing is a fine deterrent to burglars.

It’s such a good deterrent that many potential intruders won’t even attempt to break through. With all new multi-lock and shoot bolting systems, your property is far more secure at all times.


We all know how moisture can damage curtains as well as window frames and condensation is most common when the window unit is inefficient.

New modern double glazing has trickle vents, which allow moisture to escape your home, preventing condensation. Despite this they still keep your home warm and reduce your bills.

Carbon emissions

Double glazing is also particularly environmentally friendly. In short, if you’re not turning up your heating, the less carbon emissions you’ll produce. Less contribution to global warming and lower emissions will help the environment. You’ll have more money and not be harming the earth. Win win.