Create A Versatile Office Space

Create A Versatile Office Space

Working from home has become an increasingly attractive option for a lot of people. Some people’s employers let them do this to care for children, or to save on travel costs. Other people who have found themselves out of work have set up working for themselves from home, freelancing or setting up a small business.

Either way, if you work from home it’s important to have a dedicated space organised around your work. You will be much more focussed working in an office, even if it is a makeshift one in a spare bedroom or a corner of a larger room.

If you’re short on space you can still create a work area, and it’s worth it as you will really notice the difference to your mentality when you sit down to start your day.

If you don’t have a spare room to use you can convert one corner of a larger room into your office. Think of ways to incorporate the furniture so it doesn’t look too out of place or take over the room. For example, a glass desk will help to keep the space feeling open rather than adding a big imposing piece of furniture. Even storage can be decorative. Wooden office furniture is attractive and practical – look for oak drawers, mahogany filing cabinets or oak printer cupboards as these look like ordinary household furniture and go with most interiors.

It’s best to turn a small room into your office, but this can sometimes cause problems if the room already has a use. If it’s a spare bedroom you can be creative with the space and have a useful spare room. Foldaway beds and sofa beds keep the room versatile without taking up too much space. A sofa bed or chair bed will also give you somewhere comfortable to sit if you get fed up being at a desk all day.