Add storage to your smallest bathroom: Cloakroom Vanity units and more.

Introduction to "Add storage to your smallest bathroom: Cloakroom Vanity units and more."

Often the smallest room in a home, cloakrooms can be the last space considered when it comes to adding storage. They are generally functional areas that serve their purpose, and can be lacking when it comes to style and additional uses.

However, today in the UK many home-owners are seeking to remodel their cloakroom and give it a new look, in order to have it go along with their overall décor scheme.

Cloakrooms can in fact enhance a home’s appeal, and offer an opportunity for creativity or quirky design where it may not be possible in other areas. With careful planning, they can also offer excellent storage options, producing a neat and tidy space that you’ll be proud to offer to visitors.

Because space is at a premium in a cloakroom, planning for storage requires attention to detail. Storage options must occupy as little room as possible, and must be distributed so as not to make a cramped area even tighter.

Create Storage around Existing Features

Most cloakrooms have fixed plumbing locations, so you’ll likely know exactly where your toilet and basin will be placed beforehand. These fixtures tend to take up a certain amount of space on their own, and by taking advantage of the negative space directly around them you can save valuable inches.

Cloakroom vanity units utilize the space directly beneath the basin. Today’s modern options include narrow units that still include various drawers and cabinets for all of your bits and bobs.

If you fancy a contemporary look for your cloakroom and wish to add a small countertop basin, you’ll find a variety of cloakroom vanity units that can serve as the perfect workspace to install your basin.

Storage around a basin can also include a bathroom mirror cabinet. While it may seem counter-intuitive to install a large bathroom mirror cabinet in a small space, a larger mirrored surface will create depth against the wall and help to reflect light. Both of these effects serve to make a small space look bigger.

You can also take advantage of a back to wall toilet to save space and add storage. These toilets have a cistern hidden either in the wall or in a back to wall unit. Next to and around a back to wall unit is the perfect space to add a fitted cupboard or shelving. This space is generally not utilized, but can be optimized by adding storage.

Draw the Eye Upwards

Hanging wall cupboards allow you to create storage without using floor space. You can choose a narrow vertical cupboard or go for a simple square style. Virtually any uncovered wall space in a cloakroom is a prime location to fit in a discreet cupboard, provided it does not interfere with the opening or closing of doors and windows.

Add open Shelving

Open shelving helps to keep the space open, by allowing you to see all the way to the wall. Just remember to keep any items on the shelf neat and tidy.

Nothing creates the illusion of a smaller space faster than having clutter, or items piled where they don’t belong. Creating additional storage is one of the principal concerns for those reinventing their cloakroom space, but by utilizing a cloakroom vanity unit and other clever storage solutions, you can create an attractive cloakroom that will stay neat and organised.

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