Bathroom Design – Complementing your Cast Iron Bath

Introduction to "Bathroom Design – Complementing your Cast Iron Bath"

Once you have made the first step to redesigning your bathroom, and chosen to go with a cast iron bath, the next stage is deciding how to accessorise this, and what additional features to add. Both to the bath and to the room as a whole. A bathroom is an important part of the house, and as such deserves the same care and attention in terms of design as the rest of the house! When you have made a choice of which bathtub you want, you can begin to customise it in various ways to a style that suits you and the room it is going in. For example, a traditional freestanding roll top bath like this will need something to stand on.

One traditional option that goes well with the classic look of a roll top tub is claw feet. As the name suggests, these are feet the bath is raised-up on and look much like animal feet with claws. In keeping with the vintage styling of the bath, the claws are often in brass or cast iron to complement the traditional feel of the bath.

Of course, alternatives are available, depending on what direction you take with the rest of the bathroom. For a more contemporary style, feet in the form of chrome or aluminium will add a more polished modern look. The type of cast iron bath you choose will be another factor in the type of feet you use, and this is best looked at on an individual bath-to-bath basis.

Another factor to consider is the type of taps that you would want for the effect you want to create. Depending on the position within the room of your cast iron bath, you may choose to have a freestanding standpipe type to add a period feel to the room. Again, if you want a mix of classical and contemporary then incorporate some stylish modern chromed fittings.

When buying a new bath you will generally have the option of having holes fitted for taps – depending on the type of design you go for. Additionally, if you do not feel the need for having a separate shower unit, then you can customise the type of taps for your cast iron roll top bath to include a shower-head. From a practical standpoint this is likely to work out better if, the bath is next to a wall or in a corner, for fixtures and fittings as well as to avoid getting everything wet while showering.

In terms of customisation, a cast iron bath tends to come with a silk white exterior finish, which allows you to assess how the bath fits in with the overall design of the room. You can then make changes to the colour by painting the bath so that it blends in more naturally with your bathroom’s colour scheme. If you’ve been inspired to upgrade your bathroom then check out the Cast Iron Bath website and view their range of roll top cast iron and copper baths.