Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Security

Inteoduction to "Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Security"

Spring time is fast approaching, with the hope of better and drier weather on its way. Spring is traditionally a time where households start to consider DIY projects, maybe some decorating or a larger job such as a new bathroom or kitchen. During any house improvements, home security should always be considered, door locks and window locks should be checked and assessed for their security levels and to see if they are in good working order. Any locks that don’t meet the requirements should be replaced, after all, your home is your castle, let’s secure it like a castle!

Front Door Locks

With over 70% of break-ins made through a door, the locks protecting external doors should be high security and in good working order. If a lock is not working correctly or lose, this could allow a burglar easy access to your home. All locks fitted to exterior doors should be British Standard rated, BS locks are also often a requirement of home insurance policies. Other security devices that can be fitted to doors include door chains, hinge bolts and frame protecting bars that protect against force attacks.

Patio Doors

Large patio doors have become veryPatio Door Lock popular as they provide great access to a garden or patio and allow lots of natural light into a room. Normally found at the rear of a property, patio doors are vulnerable due to their large size and discrete positioning, making them an easier access point for intruders.

Additional locks can be fitted to patio doors to provide extra protection and for older patio doors anti lift protection has proven successful.

Window Security

All windows regardless of size or location should be secured with a key operated lock, this can be the lock fitted to the window handle. Locks on windows can also be an insurance requirement, check your policy or contact your insurer to check.

Garage Locks

Garage security is another section of overall home protection that is often forgotten about, but garages will often contain many easy to remove expensive items such as lawn mowers or bikes. The main garage door can be hard to secure due to its large size and material, however, easy to fit garage bolts can be used on each side of a garage door to provide excellent levels of security. For integral garages with a door between the main house and garage, security is even more important, as this could be an easy entry point for a criminal.


Outside lights with motion sensors can be used to good effect for home security, a light that comes on when a property is approached will deter a burglary, they can also be used to illuminate dark corners where a criminal could hide.

Alarm systems

With the introduction of wireless, DIY fitted alarms and the relatively low prices, households should really consider home alarms as a boost to overall house protection. Just the external bell box on the outside of a property can put off a would-be intruder in favour of a less secure home.