Key Factors to Consider for a Modern Bathroom Makeover

Introduction to "Key Factors to Consider for a Modern Bathroom Makeover"

Natural wear and tear, minor leaks that over time cause significant damages, out-of-date plumbing systems, unsafe or inadequate wiring, or even simple drabness over the years, all make it necessary to remodel the bathroom after a period of time.

Investing in a modern fitted bathroom not just spruces up the entire house and increase its value, but also improves the quality of life of the dwellers considerably.

When opting for a modern fitted bathroom makeover, consider the following factors:

Get the Design Right

What constitutes a “good” design is highly subjective, but there are several considerations that contribute to an optimal design.

The foremost consideration is space. Before adding any new features, make sure there is space available without cramping up everything. Again, if the overall space is large enough, consider splitting an existing large bathroom into two. Larger bathrooms lend elegance, whereas two smaller ones would be more utilitarian.

The spatial layout of bathroom fittings and other accessories is equally important. Make sure that the fittings and the positioning comply with ergonomic standards, so that users get their posture right and have to minimise movement. Similarly, when changing lighting, do not be guided by appearance alone, and consider utility and safety as well. Even changing minor details such as lighting and mirrors can have big implications to the overall look and utility of the bathroom.

Have the Blueprint Ready

Fix the blueprint before starting the actual work, as making changes later can be difficult. It is important lay out the plumbing, electrical and framing first, and for this, it is important to think about all the fixtures and accessories connected to them. The reverse approach of installing fixtures first and then finding a way to connect it to the plumbing or wiring is a recipe for disaster.

Do consider the nature of usage when laying out the plumbing and wiring. For instance, to accommodate a hair dryer or an electric trimmer, it is important to wire for a plug point near the sink. Similarly, consider adding a 3/4-inch supply line for a power shower.

Fix a Budget

Bathroom remodels are expensive, and there is nothing catastrophic than running out of money mid-way into the project. Plan ahead to get maximum value for the amount spend, keeping in mind that cheapest does not always equate to the best, and spending loads of money need not necessary guarantee the best either.

It is a bad idea to compromise on the quality of the materials to cut costs or to add sophistication with the money saved. For durability, safety, and better value-for-money in the long run, always invest in high quality materials, and high quality workmanship. A better approach is to prioritise the list or designs required, without compromising on quality. Also, when considering the budget for modern bathroom remodelling, always add an extra ten to twenty percent to the estimate, to factor in unexpected repairs that may be uncovered when work starts.

Ensure Appearance without Sacrificing Practicality

The bathroom is among the most used rooms in any house, and adds value to the house. Most visitors see the bathroom as well. For this reason it is important to ensure that the bathroom is attractive, but this has to be done without sacrificing functionality or comfort.

For instance, curb less showers are an awesome inclusion in any modern fitted bathroom. But when this is installed, it is important to ensure that the floor is high enough to pitch the tile into the drain, so that the water can flow off. When the floor gets thicker, the transitions into the room get affected, and the design may have to be altered to accommodate someone to wheel into the room.

Last but not the least, always go for an experienced contractor who knows the trade, have expert designers on-board, and who value their reputation to not cut corners. It is also a good idea get a complete fitted bathroom package including all plastering, electric, and tiling work, to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.