LED lighting, it’s the new craze

Are you searching for the best and brightest lights and lighting for your home?

The we would like to tell you about the new craze that is hitting British shores… we are of course referring to modern LED lights which are direct replacements for your started and out dated halogen bulbs. These low energy and eco-friendly methods of lighting your home is such that so many people are now choosing to buy LED lights and modernise their homes with this new and emerging technology.

So what makes these bulbs so fancy and what makes so many homeowners want to install such lighting in their homes? Well the idea of cost saving is but one merit which comes with installing led lights in your home, and the benefits don’t just stop there, you can log on to many a website these days and find a real deal on LED lighting for your home and one such website we saw to be selling the range of bulbs which any homeowner would be interested in is the Lightrabbit UK website.

So what kind of bulbs can you find here for your home? Well there are direct plug in and replacement bulbs listed here which are the suitable for the present light fittings to your property, but if you are in doubt about which type of bulb you should fit into your current fittings, then there is a base selector guide on the Lightrabbit website which may be able to help you in your quest to find the right bulbs, also it’s worth noting that some LED light fittings require additional drivers and adaptors to make them work on the low voltage systems which some European houses use.

So now you know a little bit more about choosing the right light fitting for your home, then the only decision left is to choose the correct bulbs for the ceiling height and ambience of your property, depending on where you are seeking to install LEDs, then there are a couple of options available, for example, lights which sit above water, so in your bathroom or kitchen, you should look to choose a water proof GU10 or even a low voltage MR16 type bulb as these bulbs are both water safe and safe to install in areas of your home where water features and can or may cause a problem to the electrical system.

So for more info on modern LED lights, why not check out some of the new websites which are here to help you save money, and save the planet all by changing the way you think about lighting your home. I’ve found Light Rabbit to be a good place for browsing and earning more.