Looking to replace your Garage Door?


Has your Garage Door become faulty and you are looking to replace this? Or maybe you just want to upgrade your current Garage Door with a secure new one. Why not take a look at some of these tips to make sure you find the perfect Garage Door today.

Evaluate space and how best to use this

First off, you will need to evaluate the space you have available and how you think best it is to use this. If you have a small Garage it should be a priority to save as much space as possible on areas such as your Garage Door. There are a number of options available for this including roller garage doors and side hinged garage doors. These open outwards or roll into a compact tube to save space in your Garage. However if space is not an issue there are a range of other Garage Doors available. This includes up & over garage doors, automatic garage doors, sectional garage doors and more.

Think about security

Is your Garage attached to your house or is there a way to access your home through your Garage? If so you really need to consider how secure your Garage Door is. Some Garages only have a standard pedestrian door instead of a vehicle access door, these can be very insecure if the door is old or not using up to date locking mechanisms. If you do have a vehicle access door, the locking mechanism may be worn or easy to pick/force open. Installing a new Garage Door can help with the security of your Garage, new Garage Doors tend to include the latest technology in security locking systems. I would raise this issue with the company you decide to use when replacing your Garage Door.

We recently spoke to Eddie from Garage Doors Durham and he told us “The amount of insecure Garage Doors we have repaired or replaced over the last few years is unbelievable. People tend to ignore their Garage and become surprised when their home is Burgled and accessed through their Garage. Leaving your Garage Door broken or in need of repair is really not a bright idea at all. As with all security around your home, when you don’t think it will happen…it definitely will.”

Think about Colours

Think about colours you say? …Yes think about colours indeed! Your Garage Door can be an expression of style with a selection of bright colours available on today’s market. While you may think this looks great, do you really want your Garage Door to stand out from the crowd? Remember your Garage Door serves a purpose, and that is to secure your Garage and its contents from the outside world. If a potential burglar walks past a row of white Garage Doors and suddenly spots a bright red Garage Door, which do you think he is most likely to be interested in? The bright red one of course!

I am not saying that you should not buy a bright Garage Door as these can look great, I am however just expressing the fact that it may be worth evaluating the colours used by your neighbours to ensure your Garage Door doesn’t stand out too much.

Would it be an option to get your current Garage Door Repaired?

If you think it is not really a priority to replace your current faulty Garage Door, why not try get it repaired? This can work out cheaper than a full replacement and some companies also offer a maintenance and servicing plan. A local company I have used before known as Garage Doors Sunderland offer this and the service plan method can be a lot more cost effective than a full replacement.