Transform your home with these 5 simple steps

Transform your home

Have you just purchased a home that needs a drastic transformation? Or maybe you are just looking to give your home an injection of life this year.Whichever scenario fits your story, take a look at these great home transformation ideas I have found below.

1- Tidy up & redecorate

It is an unwritten rule that every home improvement project should start with re-decorating. The colours you choose for rooms around your home dictate how they come across. For instance, in rooms such as your living room and bedroom I would suggest using darker colours, these are used in most modern homes and give a feeling of warmth. Darker colours have also started to be used in conjunction with wallpaper in most modern rooms. This creates a feature wall design which gives a stand out feel to your rooms featured items.

Contrasting to this, in rooms such as your kitchen and bathroom I would go for brighter colours. These give a hygienic and open feel to any room. Most people tend to go for a really light shade of green, blue or yellow in these rooms.

2- Lighting & Heating

If you are looking to transform your home, it may be a good time to replace that old and tired boiler or even fully upgrade your heating system. If you have had your home for over 10-15 years,your heating system will be outdated and could be costing you money! Modern heating systems are eco-friendly and efficient, making them an obvious choice to save you money in the long run. It is stated that upgrading your boiler can save you around £200-£300 a year.

Surprisingly lighting can also improve the look of rooms around your home. Most people just ignore their lighting and have a sole lightbulb hanging from an ugly cord in every room. Something as simple as adding a shade to lights can instantly transform how they appear. If this is something you haven’t looked into, you will not believe the amount of lighting options there are available on today’s market.

3- Invest in new furniture

The main focus point around your home is the choice of furniture you choose to use. If you still have that antique chest of drawers or sofa you were gifted with or purchased when you first moved in, think of how different your home will look with an updated &modern piece of furniture in its place. We often get attached to certain pieces of furniture and forget how outdated these items become. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these items have to be replaced however. As above, if you give an old chest of drawers a splash of paint it is amazing how updated and refreshed they can look.If you are still looking to invest in new furniture, I would recommend visiting a local furniture store. These often have virtual room set ups showing you how certain pieces of furniture look in contrasting room layouts.

4- Think of your Bathroom

When transforming your home don’t forget to take a look at your bathroom. This is one of the only rooms in your home that you can actually explore different ideas and designs in. Whether your bathroom is humongous or box shaped, there are plenty of options including furniture, utilities and much more to give this room a modern touch of elegance.

  • Shower or bath – If you have a bath tub or a shower that looks like it just jumped out of a 1950’s time warp, why not take a look at some modern options? As above if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom suite, I would go into a local store as these have virtual set ups showing you how certain suites look.
  • Tiling – If your bathroom is painted, why not take a look at using tiling? Tiling is easier to clean and looks way more attractive than a simple touch of paint.
  • Furniture – As you may know your bathroom can also have furniture, this includes vanity units, storage cupboards, cabinets and much more. As with all the items above, there are a huge selection of such items available on today’s market. If you truly want to give your bathroom a unique look, I would take a look at investing in bespoke vanity units. These are tailor made and will give a unique feel to your bathroom.

5- Don’t ignore the garden

Your garden is often the area of your home that gets ignored when you are looking to make improvements. If this is becoming more of a wilderness than a garden, take a look into investing in a lawnmower, strimmer or a pair of hedge trimmers. Other ways to improve the look of your garden can include paving, investing in a garage, clearing any clutter, investing in a garden set and much more. For paving I would personally look into Raj Green Paving, this is quite unique and is used in most modern gardens. For furniture I would suggest rattan garden furniture, this is attractive, comfy and weatherproof so can be left outdoors throughout winter.