What makes memory foam mattresses the best? Here are 7 reasons:

What makes memory foam mattresses the best? Here are 7 reasons:

As we spend around a third of our lives in bed, it certainly makes a lot of sense to invest in a good mattress. When it comes to getting the best night’s sleep possible on a surface that offers you a high level of support and comfort all in one, there is no better choice than a memory foam mattress.

Here are 7 reasons:

1. Heat Sensitivity – As memory foam is a heat sensitive material, it has the ability to warm and soften to your body heat, allowing it to mould to your body’s natural shape. This will not only offer you a high level of support and pressure point relief, but also create a feeling of weightlessness, as your body is not pressing against the surface as it would with other types of mattresses.

2. Memory foam incorporates visco-elastic technology, first developed by NASA to help reduce the pressure experienced by astronauts when embarking on journeys in and out of space. No other type of mattress on earth has that connection!

3. Due to the high level of support offered from memory foam mattresses, your spine will remain properly aligned when you lie down. For this reason, they are also a good option if you suffer from a bad back, particularly if it is a result of sleeping on a poor quality mattress.

4. As these mattresses are so comfortable to sleep on, not only are you more likely to fall asleep quicker, but to have a more peaceful night’s rest with less tossing and turning too. This is even better news for those who share their bed, as they will be less likely to be disturbed, or disturb their partner thanks to the mattress’s ability to absorb movement.

5. The open cell structure of the memory foam helps to promote a more even temperature for a more comfortable sleep. Some mattresses are even available with special covers that help to encourage a cooler sleep – an added benefit for those who suffer from overheating during the night.

6. Another advantage to sleeping on this type of mattress is that you will not have to worry about springs popping out and digging into your sides as you try to sleep.

7. They are also completely hypoallergenic and bed bug free, making them the perfect choice for allergy sufferers.

It is important to remember that there is poor quality, memory foam mattresses out there, so make sure that you get yours from a reputable supplier. Memory Foam Warehouse is the UK’s leading memory foam mattress manufacturer, with all their sleep products British made in their Yorkshire based factory.